Key English Chinese (Traditional)
History Date from 日期從
History Date to 日期至
History Date 日期
History Transactions 交易紀錄
History Sort & filter 排序 & 篩選
History Sort by 排序以
History Blockheight 區塊高度
History Amount 金額
History Page 頁數
History Jump to page (1-%1) 跳至頁數 (1-%1)
History Invalid page. Must be a number within the specified range. 無效的頁數。必須是在指定範圍內的頁數。
History Sent 付款
History Received 收款
History Search by Transaction ID, Address, Description, Amount or Blockheight 以交易ID、位址、備註、金額或區塊高度來搜尋
History Fee 手續費
History Mined 挖礦獎勵
History Yes
History Pending 等待確認中
History Confirmations 確認次數
History Description 備註