Key English Chinese (Traditional)
main Error: 錯誤:
main Primary account 主要帳戶
main Autosaved the wallet 自動儲存錢包
main Failed to autosave the wallet 無法自動儲存錢包
main Local node is running 本機節點正在執行中
main Do you want to stop local node or keep it running in the background? 你想要停止本機節點或是讓他在背景繼續執行?
main Force stop 強制停止
main Keep it running 繼續執行
main Tap again to close... 再按一次離開...
main Checking local node status... 正在檢查本機節點的狀態…
main Save as file 另存新檔
main Confirm 確認
main Couldn't send the money: 無法付款:
main Information 資訊
main This address received %1 monero, but the transaction is not yet mined 這個位址已收到 %1 Monero 幣,但這筆交易尚未被礦工確認
main This address received nothing 這個位址沒有收到款項
main Please wait... 請稍後...