Key English Chinese (Traditional)
SharedRingDB You should only have to load a file when you want to refresh the list. Manual adding/removing is possible if needed. 只當你需要更新列表時才載入該檔案,若需要時可手動新增或移除項目。
WizardCreateWallet4 You're all set up! 一切已準備就緒!
WizardRestoreWallet4 You're all set up! 一切已準備就緒!
Mining Your daemon must be synchronized before you can start mining 您必須在節點完全同步之後才能開始進行挖礦
History Yes
main Yes
NetworkStatusItem Wrong version 版本錯誤
SettingsWallet Wrong password 密碼錯誤
main Wrong password 密碼錯誤
Utils Wrong password 密碼錯誤
SettingsLayout Wrong password 密碼錯誤
main Would you like to register Monero GUI Desktop entry? 請問您想要在桌面設定檔登錄 Monero GUI 應用程式嗎?
WizardHome Welcome to Monero 歡迎使用 Monero
main Warning: There's only %1 GB available on the device. Blockchain requires ~%2 GB of data. 警告: 此裝置剩餘 %1 GB 可用裝置,區塊鏈需要約 %2 GB 存放空間。
PasswordDialog Warning: passphrase entry on host is a security risk as it can be captured by malware. It is advised to prefer device-based passphrase entry. 警告:在本機上輸入密碼具有安全風險,因其可能會被惡意軟體側錄。建議使用硬體錢包裝置輸入密碼。
Merchant WARNING: no connection to daemon 警告: 沒有與節點建立連線
Keys WARNING: Do not reuse your Monero keys on another fork, UNLESS this fork has key reuse mitigations built in. Doing so will harm your privacy. 警告: 請勿在其他的分叉幣上重複使用你的金鑰,除非該幣已內建金鑰重複使用保護措施,否則這將傷害你的交易隱私。
Keys WARNING: Copying your seed to clipboard can expose you to malicious software, which may record your seed and steal your Monero. Please write down your seed manually. 警告: 複製您的種子碼到剪貼簿有可能會讓它被惡意軟體側錄,並竊取您的 Monero,請用紙筆抄寫下來。
main Warning 警告
SettingsInfo Wallet restore height: 錢包回復高度: