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Key English Chinese (Traditional)
ProgressBar %1 blocks remaining: %1剩餘區塊:
History %1 transactions total, showing %2. 共有 %1 筆交易,顯示 %2 筆。
Transfer 1. Using cold wallet, export the key images into a file 1. 使用冷錢包,匯出金鑰映像至檔案
Transfer 1. Using view-only wallet, export the outputs into a file 1. 使用唯讀錢包,匯出交易輸出至檔案
WizardAskPassword 25 word mnemonic seed 25 字助記種子碼
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file and export the key images 2. 使用冷錢包,匯入交易輸出檔案並匯出金鑰映像
Transfer 2. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file 2. 使用唯讀錢包,匯入金鑰映像檔
Transfer 3. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file and create a transaction file 3. 使用唯讀錢包,匯入金鑰映像檔後建立交易檔案
Transfer 4. Using cold wallet, sign your transaction file 4. 使用冷錢包,簽署你的交易檔案
Transfer 5. Using view-only wallet, submit your signed transaction 5. 使用唯讀錢包,提交你已簽署的交易
Transfer 64 hexadecimal characters 64 個十六進位字元
WizardModeBootstrap About the bootstrap mode 關於引導模式
WizardModeRemoteNodeWarning About the simple mode 關於簡易模式
LeftPanel Account 帳戶
TxConfirmationDialog Account # 帳號 #
WizardRestoreWallet1 Account address (public) 帳戶位址 (公開)
Account Accounts 帳戶
AddressBook Add 新增
AddressBook Add address 新增位址