Key English Chinese (Traditional)
RemoteNodeDialog Edit remote node
RemoteNodeList Trusted daemon
SettingsInfo portable
SettingsLog Type a command (e.g '%1' or '%2') and press Enter
SuccessfulTxDialog View progress
Transfer Grab QR code from screen
Transfer Scan QR code
Transfer Send all unlocked balance of this account
Transfer only visible to you
WizardDaemonSettings Prune blockchain
WizardHome Network
WizardNav Step (%1) of (%2)
WizardOpenWallet1 Mainnet wallet
WizardOpenWallet1 Testnet wallet
WizardOpenWallet1 Stagenet wallet
WizardWalletInput Wallet already exists
WizardWalletInput Wallet location is empty
LeftPanel Ctrl+
Mining Use half (recommended)
Receive Payment request