Key English Zulu
WizardNav Step (%1) of (%2)
WizardOpenWallet1 Open a wallet from file
WizardOpenWallet1 Import an existing .keys wallet file from your computer.
WizardOpenWallet1 Recently opened
WizardOpenWallet1 Mainnet
WizardOpenWallet1 Testnet
WizardOpenWallet1 Stagenet
WizardOpenWallet1 Browse filesystem
WizardOpenWallet1 Back to menu
WizardOpenWallet1 Mainnet wallet
WizardOpenWallet1 Testnet wallet
WizardOpenWallet1 Stagenet wallet
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore wallet
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed.
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore from seed
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore from keys
WizardRestoreWallet1 Account address (public)
WizardRestoreWallet1 View key (private)
WizardRestoreWallet1 Spend key (private)
WizardRestoreWallet1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height