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Instructions for Monero translators: Step-by-step Guide
Chatroom for coordination and support: #monero-translations (on Matrix and Freenode)
Info and contacts: Github.com/monero-ecosystem/monero-translations
Component Translated Strings of total Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
CLI Wallet Fix this component to clear its alerts. BSD-3-Clause 0% 0% 1,148 8,319 Translate
GUI Wallet Fix this component to clear its alerts. BSD-3-Clause 53% 20% 318 2,283 79 9 Translate
Project website https://github.com/monero-project
Instructions for translators


Translation license BSD-3-Clause GUI Wallet CLI Wallet
Number of strings 1,835
Number of words 11,940
Number of characters 75,284
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 1,836
Number of source words 11,940
Number of source characters 75,284

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Monero CLI & GUI / GUI WalletLithuanian

Committed changes a month ago
Create wallet
Sukurti piniginę
a month ago
Pagrindinis tinklas
a month ago
Tarpinis tinklas
a month ago
Testavimo tinklas
a month ago
Wrong password
Neteisingas slaptažodis
a month ago
a month ago
a month ago
Fastest (x200 fee)
Greičiausiai (x41.5200 rinkliavos) {200 ?}
a month ago
Slow (x0.2 fee)
Lėtai (x0.25 rinkliavos) {0.2 ?}
a month ago
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