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This innovative POW is optimized for CPUs and it's based on execution of random code and other memory-heavy techniques. The goal is to discourage the use of specialized hardware (like ASICs) for @mining Monero. RandomX was created with the intent of keeping mining decentralized and to create a more egalitarian distribution of the @block rewards.
RandomX specifications and development can be found [on the GitHub repository](https://github.com/tevador/RandomX), while [an article dedicated to RandomX](https://www.monerooutreach.org/stories/RandomX.html) made by the Outreach workgroup contains more information about the history of RandomX and its relation with Monero.
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RandomX is a Proof Of Work algorithm developed by Monero contributors and adopted by Monero from release 0.15.
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ASIC-resistant POW algoritm currently used by Monero