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Select the User Rights Assignment folder.
Some anti-viruses flag XMRig as malware because it is often deployed to infected computers to mine without the owner's consent. As it is your computer and you are configuring the miner to mine for you, it is safe to add XMRig to your anti-virus whitelist.
Starting the miner
sudo sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=1168
sudo ./xmrig
Taken from [the MSDN](
The first step is to download mining software onto your computer.
The policies will be displayed in the details pane.
There are lots of pools to choose from. You can find a list at [](
These binaries are available on the [GitHub release page](
The XMRig developer provides pre-built binaries for Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) and Focal (20.04). They may work on other Ubuntu versions, and on other distributions, but this is not guaranteed.
The XMRig developer provides pre-built binaries for Windows users. They are available on the [GitHub release page](
Ubuntu Linux
Windows users can double click on xmrig.exe. Users of other operating systems should `cd` into the directory that contains XMRig and then type `./xmrig` and press return.
You may also need to launch the miner as administrator.
You may have to increase 1168 depending on how many NUMA nodes your CPU(s) have.