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Replace `TXID`, `TXKEY` and `ADDRESS` with the transaction ID, per-transaction key, and destination address which were supplied to you, respectively. `monero-wallet-cli` will check that transaction and let you know how much monero this transaction paid to the given address.
How to find a payment to you
If you received a payment using a particular payment ID, you can look it up:
payments PAYMENTID
You can give more than one payment ID too.
More generally, you can review incoming and outgoing payments:
You can give an optional height to list only recent transactions, and request only incoming or outgoing transactions. For example,
show_transfers in 650000
will only show incoming transfers after block 650000. You can also give a height range.
If you want to mine, you can do so from the wallet:
start_mining 2
This will start mining on the daemon usin two threads. Note that this is solo mining, and may take a while before you find a block. To stop mining: