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Open a terminal (`cmd.exe`).
![binary launch term](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_binary-cmd-launch.png)
Change to the `Downloads` directory with the command: `cd Downloads`.
![binary cmd cd](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_binary-cmd-cd.png)
Calculate the hash of the Monero binary with the command: `certUtil -hashfile monero-gui-win-x64-v0.16.0.2.zip SHA256` (if you downloaded a command-line only version, replace `monero-gui-win-x64-v0.16.0.2.zip` accordingly).
![binary cmd certutil](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_binary-cmd-certutil.png)
Compare the hash from the terminal with the one in the hash file. They should be the same (spaces can be ignored).
![binary compare hashes](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_binary-word-cmd-compare.png)
If your hash **DOES** match then you are finished with verification! You can be sure the Monero files you have are authentic. You may extract and install/use the files normally.
If your hash **DOES NOT** match **DO NOT CONTINUE.** Instead delete the Monero binary from the `Downloads` directory and go back to [section 4.1](#41-download-binary).