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home->joincommunity Join Community
home->contributecommunity We Need Your Skills: Contribute!
home->visitmrl Visit the MRL
home->contributing Contributing
hangouts->resources Workgroup Resources
hangouts->irc IRC Channels
hangouts->mailing_list Mailing List
hangouts->subscribe Subscribe
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-offtopic Chatting with other Monero users about things not related to Monero.
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-pools This is the place for mining questions and discussion.
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-research-lab Research into financial privacy with cryptocurrency.
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-translations Localizing Monero into other languages.
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-hardware Building hardware wallets to keep your Monero safe.
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-site Where the development of this website is coordinated.
sponsorships->tari Tari Labs sponsors the CDN used by this website.
sponsorships->symas Symas sponsors its CTO Howard Chu (hyc) for his work on the Monero codebase.
sponsorships->forknetworking Fork Networking provides a server which is used for development.
sponsorships->macstadium MacStadium sponsors a dedicated Mac Mini that is used for Mac-related development.
team->core Core Team
team->community Community Workgroup