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Key English Croatian
WizardAskPassword Strength:
WizardCreateDevice1 Subaddress lookahead (optional)
Transfer Submit
SettingsWallet Successfully rescanned spent outputs.
NetworkStatusItem Successfully switched to another public node
Transfer Sweep
TxConfirmationDialog Sweep unmixable outputs
NetworkStatusItem Switching to another public node
NetworkStatusItem Switch to another public remote node
TitleBar Switch to dark theme
TitleBar Switch to light theme
LeftPanel Syncing...
SettingsInfo Tails:
WizardModeBootstrap Temporary use of remote nodes is useful in order to use Monero immediately (hence the name bootstrap), however be aware that when using remote nodes (including with the bootstrap setting), nodes could track your IP address, track your "restore height" and associated block request data, and send you inaccurate information to learn more about transactions you make.
WizardCreateDevice1 testnet
WizardCreateWallet1 testnet
WizardHome testnet
Utils Testnet Testna mreža
WizardOpenWallet1 Testnet wallet
SettingsNode The blockchain is downloaded to your computer. Provides higher security and requires more local storage.