Key English Chinese (Simplified)
library->zerotomonerov2 Zero to Monero: Second Edition Zero to Monero: Second Edition
library->zerotomonerov1 Zero to Monero: First Edition Zero to Monero: First Edition
faq->anofunds You probably didn't. It's very hard to simply 'lose' your coins, since they are technically nowhere. Your coins 'live' on the blockchain and are linked to your account through a system of public and private keys secured by cryptography. That's why if you don't see your funds, it's probably because of a technical issue. Take a look at the 'Resources & Help' section at the top of this page for a list of useful resources that will help you identify and fix your problem.
mining->conopfee You have to pay a fee to the pool operator
mining->conminfee You can only use third party software to pool mine, which might take a small percentage of your shares
mining->prowallet You can mine using your Monero wallet. No need for additional software
accepting->cliaccounts You can have much more control if you want to. Monero gives the possibility to create multiple accounts, each containing multiple subaddresses, useful if you want to control multiple accounts. For example, you may want to have an @account for receiving donations and another one for your daily use. That will allow you to easily monitor incoming funds to your 'donations' account, without mixing it with your primary account.
contributing->supportdev_p2 You can find an overview of the people who directly contribute, or have contributed, to the Monero repositories (along with other useful statistics) on
contributing->genfund_p You can donate both Monero and Bitcoin:
faq->a2 You can buy Monero from an exchange or from an individual. Exchanges are the most common way to buy Monero; there are compliant exchanges in most jurisdictions. Some wallets include functionality to easily buy Monero with fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can try mining Monero to get coins from the @block reward. 您可以从交易所或者个人手里购买门罗币。或者您可以尝试挖掘门罗币,获取出块奖励。
contributing->sponsor_p You can also support Monero through a sponsorship program. See the dedicated
downloads->verify1 You are strongly advised to verify the hashes of the archive you downloaded. This will confirm that the files you downloaded perfectly match the files uploaded by the Monero development workgroup. Please don't underestimate this step, a corrupted archive could result in lost funds. 强烈建议在下载完成后校验文件的哈希值。这能保证你下载的文件确实和门罗币开发组上传的文件一致。不要低估这个步骤的重要性,不匹配的文件可能会导致资金丢失。
global->date %Y/%m/%d %Y/%m/%d
faq->aavoidbc Yes. You don't need to download the @blockchain to transact on the network. You can connect to a @remote-node, which stores the blockchain for you. All the most common @wallets (including GUI and CLI) allow to use remote nodes to transact on the network. There are multiple ways to take advantage of this functionality. For example GUI and CLI offer a 'bootstrap node' feature, which allow people to download their own blockchain while using a remote node to immediately use the network. Ways to improve the usability of the Monero network are constantly being explored.
faq->aimporting Yes, you can, but you probably shouldn't. Importing an external @blockchain is very resource intensive and forces you to trust the entity providing you with the blockchain. It's usually faster to download it the normal way: running a node and letting it synchronize with the other @nodes in the network. If you really need to import an external blockchain, you can download one in the 'Downloads' page of this website. Follow the guide below if you are using Windows. If you are a linux user, you can use the tool "monero-blockchain-import", which is included in the archive when you download the GUI or CLI wallets. Start syncing the imported blockchain with this command: "monero-blockchain-import --input-file blockchain.raw".
home->moneropedia_para Would you like to look up the meanings of the terms and concepts used in Monero? Here you will find an alphabetical guide to terms and their meanings. 想了解和门罗币相关的词汇和概念?您可以在此处找到门罗币和科维匿名网络(Kovri)相关的知识。
team->introduction Workgroups are formed by community members who join forces to achieve a common goal. They have different structures and goals. On this page we list some of the more active workgroups and some tips to get you started, if you wish to contribute to any of them.
titles->workgroups Workgroups 工作组
hangouts->resources Workgroup Resources 工作组
what-is-monero->electronic_para1 With Monero, there are no wire transfer or check clearing fees, no multi-day holding periods, and no fraudulent chargebacks. Because Monero is decentralized, it is not constrained by any particular legal jurisdiction and provides safety from capital control. 没有必须持有多少天的要求,也没有欺诈性退款的风险,更不受“外汇管制“的限制————这些措施是在那些经济不稳定甚至极端不稳定的国家才采用的限制货币流动的措施。