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about->decentralization Decentralization 分权
about->decentralization_para Monero is committed to providing the highest degree of decentralization in both network security and code development. Its Proof of Work algorithm prevents specialized mining hardware from dominating the network and allows for fair distribution of block rewards. Additionally, Monero's development and research are conducted via global collaboration, and the project is carried out with utmost transparency. Each development decision is open to public discussion, and every major developer meeting is published online. 门罗社区致力于提供最大程度的去中心化。使用门罗币,您无需信任网络上的任何人,门罗也不是由任何大型组织运行的。门罗币的工作量证明(POW)算法始终保持对家用电脑的友好度,您可以在普通电脑上进行门罗币挖掘。这也使得个体想获得大量垄断算力更加困难。节点通过I2P相互连接,以降低泄露敏感交易信息和被审查(tba)的风险。门罗币的发展决策非常明确且允许任何人发表评论和意见。开发人员会议日志完全在线发布,并且所有人都可以看到。
about->history A Brief History 门罗币历史
about->history_para1 Monero was launched in April 2014. It was a fair, pre-announced launch of the CryptoNote reference code. There was no premine or instamine, and no portion of the block reward goes to development. See the original Bitcointalk thread 门罗币项目在2014年4月正式发起。门罗项目非常公平,预先公布了CryptoNote参考代码。门罗没有预挖或者代挖等,并且没有任何的公司开发稅(比如从块奖励中抽成20%作为团队收入)。最开始在bitcointalk上面的发起帖请查看
about->history_para2 here. 这里。
about->history_para3 The founder, thankful_for_today, proposed some controversial changes that the community disagreed with. A fallout ensued, and the Monero Core Team forked the project with the community following this new Core Team. This Core Team has provided oversight since. 门罗的发起人thankful_for_today提出了一些社区并不同意的更改和变化。之后,门罗核心团队分叉了这个项目,并且整个社区跟随这个新的核心团队一起运作。从那时起,这个核心团队一直在监督社区的运作。
about->history_para4 Monero has made several large improvements since launch. The blockchain was migrated to a different database structure to provide greater efficiency and flexibility, minimum ring signature sizes were set so that all transactions were private by mandate, and RingCT was implemented to hide the transaction amounts. Nearly all improvements have provided improvements to security or privacy, or they have facilitated use. Monero continues to develop with goals of privacy and security first, ease of use and efficiency second. 自发起以来,门罗已经做出了很多项重大改进。区块链被转移到新的数据库结构以提供更高的效率和灵活性,添加了最小环签名,以保障所有交易都是匿名的,并且实施RingCT以隐藏交易金额。几乎所有的改进都提供了安全性或隐私性的改进,或者促进了门罗币的普及。门罗币将继续以隐私和安全为首要目标,易用性和效率为第二追求。
about->privacy Privacy 隐私
about->privacy_para Monero takes privacy seriously. Monero needs to be able to protect users in a court of law and, in extreme cases, from the death penalty. This level of privacy must be completely accessible to all users, whether they are technologically competent or have no idea how Monero works. A user needs to confidently trust Monero in a way that this person does not feel pressured into changing their spending habits for risk of others finding out. 门罗非常重视隐私。门罗币需要做到甚至能在法庭上保护使用者,即使是死刑的罪名。所有的用户必须可以使用到这个级别的隐私功能,无论是他们在技术层面非常了解或是一无所知。门罗的目标是要让用户使用门罗币时百分之百的放心,不会担忧任何人有可能发现他的消费记录和习惯。
about->security Security 安全
about->security_para Users must be able to trust Monero with their transactions, without risk of error or attack. Monero gives the full block reward to the miners, who are the most critical members of the network who provide this security. Transactions are cryptographically secure using the latest and most resilient encryption tools available. 用户必须能够信任门罗及其交易,而不存在错误或攻击的风险。门罗为矿工提供全额奖励,他们是提供此安全保障的网络中最关键的成员。门罗网络的交易始终使用最先进的加密技术。
about->values Our Values 我们的价值观
about->values_para Monero is more than just a technology. It’s also what the technology stands for. Some of the important guiding philosophies are listed below. 门罗不仅仅是一项技术,它也是这个技术价值观的体现。我们列出了社区最根本的一些价值观:
accepting->cliaccounts You can have much more control if you want to. Monero gives the possibility to create multiple accounts, each containing multiple subaddresses, useful if you want to control multiple accounts. For example, you may want to have an @account for receiving donations and another one for your daily use. That will allow you to easily monitor incoming funds to your 'donations' account, without mixing it with your primary account.
accepting->clicreateaccount To create an account, simply run this command:
accepting->clicreateaccount1 Now you have another account separated from your primary one. You can switch anytime between accounts.
accepting->clicreatewallet When you create your wallet for the first time, an @address will be automatically shown to you. That's your primary address. If you want, you can simply use that address to receive payments. You should be concerned about who knows about this address (since one address in different locations can be associated), but you do not need to worry about blockchain observers watching transactions to this address like with Bitcoin. A friend can send transactions to the same address without reduced privacy.
accepting->cliindex As you can see from the picture above, every account has an index number that you can use to switch from one account to the other using the command `account switch [index]`. For example, using the picture above as reference, if you would like to switch to the 'Donations' account to monitor it, you can do so by giving your CLI this command `account switch 1`. Now you are sitting on your 'Donations' account and you can start using it right away.
accepting->cliindex1 Every account can host a virtually infinite amount of subaddresses. These work exactly like a normal address and you can create as many as you want and use them to receive XMR to the account they are linked to. To create a new subaddress for an account, use the command:
accepting->cliinstructions Instructions for the CLI