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merchants->intro1 Merchants of all kinds have come to value the financial privacy that Monero brings. Below is a list of the merchants that we know of that currently accept Monero for their goods and services. <b>These merchants are not vetted by the Getmonero team, see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page</b>. If a company no longer accepts Monero or you would like your business to be listed, please 使用門羅幣的各類商家都可以獲得門羅幣帶來的金融隱私保護價值,以下是一些我們知道目前接受使用門羅幣購買商品或服務的商家。如果其中有商家已停止接受使用門羅幣,或是你想讓你所經營的事業被列在此表