Key English Czech State
tools::wallet2 Do not use DNS
tools::wallet2 Do not connect to a daemon, nor use DNS
tools::wallet2 Invalid argument for
tools::wallet2 Enabling --
tools::wallet2 requires --
tools::wallet2 or --
tools::wallet2 or use of a .onion/.i2p domain
tools::wallet2 --trusted-daemon and --untrusted-daemon are both seen, assuming untrusted
tools::wallet2 Daemon is local, assuming trusted
tools::wallet2 failed to initialize the wallet
tools::wallet2 no password specified; use --prompt-for-password to prompt for a password
tools::wallet2 Enter a new password for the wallet
tools::wallet2 Wallet password
tools::wallet2 Failed to parse JSON
tools::wallet2 Version %u too new, we can only grok up to %u
tools::wallet2 failed to parse view key secret key
tools::wallet2 view secret key may not be all zeroes
tools::wallet2 failed to verify view key secret key
tools::wallet2 failed to parse spend key secret key
tools::wallet2 spend secret key may not be all zeroes