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cryptonote::simple_wallet Show the wallet's balance of the currently selected account.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Show the incoming transfers, all or filtered by availability and address index.

Output format:
Amount, Spent("T"|"F"), "frozen"|"locked"|"unlocked", RingCT, Global Index, Transaction Hash, Address Index, [Public Key, Key Image]
cryptonote::simple_wallet Show the payments for the given payment IDs.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Show the blockchain height.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Send all unmixable outputs to yourself with ring_size 1
cryptonote::simple_wallet Send all unlocked outputs below the threshold to an address.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Send a single output of the given key image to an address without change.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Donate <amount> to the development team (
cryptonote::simple_wallet Submit a signed transaction from a file.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Change the current log detail (level must be <0-4>).
cryptonote::simple_wallet If no arguments are specified, the wallet shows all the existing accounts along with their balances.
If the "new" argument is specified, the wallet creates a new account with its label initialized by the provided label text (which can be empty).
If the "switch" argument is specified, the wallet switches to the account specified by <index>.
If the "label" argument is specified, the wallet sets the label of the account specified by <index> to the provided label text.
If the "tag" argument is specified, a tag <tag_name> is assigned to the specified accounts <account_index_1>, <account_index_2>, ....
If the "untag" argument is specified, the tags assigned to the specified accounts <account_index_1>, <account_index_2> ..., are removed.
If the "tag_description" argument is specified, the tag <tag_name> is assigned an arbitrary text <description>.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Encode a payment ID into an integrated address for the current wallet public address (no argument uses a random payment ID), or decode an integrated address to standard address and payment ID
cryptonote::simple_wallet Print all entries in the address book, optionally adding/deleting an entry to/from it.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Save the wallet data.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Save a watch-only keys file.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Display the private view key.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Display the private spend key.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Display the Electrum-style mnemonic seed
cryptonote::simple_wallet Display the encrypted Electrum-style mnemonic seed.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Rescan the blockchain for spent outputs.