Key English Japanese
cryptonote::simple_wallet #
cryptonote::simple_wallet 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, or one of
cryptonote::simple_wallet 0|1|2 (or never|action|decrypt)
cryptonote::simple_wallet 0 or 1 0や1
cryptonote::simple_wallet 1/yes or 0/no
cryptonote::simple_wallet 25 words
cryptonote::simple_wallet %8u %6s %21s %21s %7u %21s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Account
cryptonote::simple_wallet account creation aborted
cryptonote::simple_wallet account creation failed
cryptonote::simple_wallet Actual:
mms::message_store additional key set
cryptonote::simple_wallet address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address book is empty.
Monero::WalletImpl Address must not be a subaddress アドレスはサブアドレスであってはならないです
cryptonote::simple_wallet addr index
cryptonote::simple_wallet ago
sw alias for --restore-deterministic-wallet
cryptonote::rpc_args Allow any peer certificate
tools::wallet2 Allow any SSL certificate from the daemon