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Key English Arabic
Transfer Add description
Transfer Add payment ID
Transfer 64 hexadecimal characters
Transfer Waiting on daemon synchronization to finish.
Transfer Amount is more than unlocked balance.
TxKey Optional message against which the signature is signed
WizardAskPassword Strength:
WizardAskPassword Password (confirm)
WizardController Please proceed to the device...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...
WizardCreateDevice1 Using a hardware device.
WizardCreateDevice1 Create a new wallet from device.
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore a wallet from device. Use this if you used your hardware wallet before.
WizardCreateDevice1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height
WizardCreateDevice1 Subaddress lookahead (optional)
WizardCreateDevice1 Error writing wallet from hardware device. Check application logs.
WizardCreateDevice1 Back to menu
WizardCreateWallet1 Creates a new wallet on this computer.
WizardCreateWallet1 Back to menu
WizardCreateWallet3 Daemon settings