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ProgressBar %1 blocks remaining:
History %1 transactions total, showing %2.
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file
Account Accounts
AddressBook Add a name...
Transfer Add recipient
RemoteNodeDialog Add remote node
RemoteNodeList Add remote node
RemoteNodeDialog Address
Receive Address
Receive Address #
AddressBook Address found, but the DNSSEC signatures could not be verified, so this address may be spoofed
Transfer Address is invalid.
SettingsLayout After
Receive Amount
SettingsInfo Are you sure you want to rebuild the wallet cache?
The following information will be deleted
- Recipient addresses
- Tx keys
- Tx descriptions

The old wallet cache file will be renamed and can be restored later.
SettingsNode Bootstrap Port
RemoteNodeDialog Cancel
main Can't create transaction:
main Can't create transaction: Wrong daemon version: