Key English Esperanto
PasswordDialog Please enter %1
PasswordDialog Warning: passphrase entry on host is a security risk as it can be captured by malware. It is advised to prefer device-based passphrase entry.
PasswordDialog CAPSLOCKS IS ON.
PasswordDialog Please confirm wallet device passphrase
Receive Show on device
Receive Save as Image
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon username
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon password
RemoteNodeList Add remote node
SettingsInfo Set a new restore height.
You can enter a block height or a date (YYYY-MM-DD):
SettingsInfo Wallet restore height:
SettingsInfo Graphics mode:
SettingsInfo Tails:
SettingsLayout Display wallet name in title bar
SettingsLayout Autosave
SettingsLayout Price source
SettingsLayout Enabling price conversion exposes your IP address to the selected price source.
SettingsLayout Socks5 proxy (%1%2)
SettingsLayout remote node connections,
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources