Key English Esperanto
History Invalid page. Must be a number within the specified range.
History Transaction key
History Human readable date format
History Transaction details
Keys Mnemonic seed protected by hardware device.
Keys (Hardware Device Wallet - No secret spend key available)
PasswordDialog CAPSLOCKS IS ON.
SettingsInfo Set a new restore height.
You can enter a block height or a date (YYYY-MM-DD):
SettingsInfo Graphics mode:
SettingsLayout Price source
SettingsLayout Enabling price conversion exposes your IP address to the selected price source.
SharedRingDB Set segregation height:
WizardController Please proceed to the device...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...
WizardCreateDevice1 Create a new wallet from device.
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore a wallet from device. Use this if you used your hardware wallet before.
WizardDaemonSettings Blockchain location (optional)
WizardOpenWallet1 Recently opened
main Please proceed to the device...
main Opening wallet ...