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History Click to reveal देखने की लिए क्लिक करें
History Unknown amount
History To
History Failed
History My wallet
History Unknown address
History Integrated address
History Please choose a folder कृपया एक फ़ोल्डर चुनें
Keys Primary address & Keys
Keys Done
LanguageSidebar Language changed.
LeftPanel Syncing...
Merchant This page will automatically scan the blockchain and the tx pool for incoming transactions using the QR code.
Merchant It's up to you whether to accept unconfirmed transactions or not. It is likely they'll be confirmed in short order, but there is still a possibility they might not, so for larger values you may want to wait for one or more confirmation(s)
Merchant Currently selected address
Merchant Change बदलें
MerchantTrackingList unconfirmed
Mining Mining at %1 H/s. It gives you a 1 in %2 daily chance of finding a block.
NetworkStatusItem Starting the node
NetworkStatusItem Stopping the node