Key English Hindi
UpdateDialog Update downloaded, signature verified
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources
Mining Use half (recommended)
Mining Use the mini chain if you have a low hashrate.
WizardCreateDevice1 Using a hardware device.
WizardAskPassword Using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
TxKey Verify that funds were paid to an address by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address, the message used for signing and the signature.
For the case with Spend Proof, you don't need to specify the recipient address.
MenuBar View
WizardRestoreWallet1 View key (private)
SuccessfulTxDialog View progress
Receive Visible to the sender
main Waiting for daemon to stop...
Transfer Waiting on daemon synchronization to finish.
Settings Wallet बटुआ
WizardWalletInput Wallet already exists
WizardCreateDevice1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height
WizardRestoreWallet1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height
PasswordDialog wallet device passphrase
Transfer Wallet is connecting to daemon.
Transfer Wallet is not connected to daemon.