Key English Hindi
SettingsLog Type a command (e.g '%1' or '%2') and press Enter
SettingsWallet Rescan spent can only be used with a trusted remote node. If you trust the current node you are connected to (%1), you can mark it as trusted in Settings > Node page.
SuccessfulTxDialog View progress
TitleBar Close this wallet and return to main menu
TitleBar Change language भाषा बदलें
TitleBar Switch to light theme
TitleBar Switch to dark theme
Transfer Grab QR code from screen
Transfer Scan QR code
Transfer Import from address book
Transfer Send all unlocked balance of this account
Transfer Remove recipient
Transfer Add recipient
Transfer Total
Transfer fee
Transfer only visible to you
Transfer Outputs
Transfer Required for cold wallets to sign their corresponding key images
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file
Transfer Outputs successfully exported to file