Key English Hindi
Receive Payment request
Receive Payment request copied to clipboard
RemoteNodeDialog Port पोर्ट
SettingsInfo portable
Receive Primary address प्राथमिक पता
Advanced Prove/check सिद्ध/जांच
WizardDaemonSettings Prune blockchain
Receive QR code copied to clipboard
Receive QR code saved to
Transfer Remove recipient
RemoteNodeList Remove remote node
Transfer Required for cold wallets to sign their corresponding key images
SettingsWallet Rescan spent can only be used with a trusted remote node. If you trust the current node you are connected to (%1), you can mark it as trusted in Settings > Node page.
WizardDaemonSettings Reset रीसेट
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore wallet
Receive Right click: save QR code as image file
Receive Save as Image
Transfer Scan QR code
Receive See transactions
Transfer Send all unlocked balance of this account