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WizardRestoreWallet3 To be able to communicate with the Monero network your wallet needs to be connected to a Monero node. For best privacy it's recommended to run your own node.

If you don't have the option to run your own node, there's an option to connect to a remote node.
Transfer * To create a transaction file, please enter address and amount above
Transfer * To import, you must connect to a local node or a trusted remote node
Transfer Total
SuccessfulTxDialog Transaction file location:
SuccessfulTxDialog Transaction file successfully saved!
SuccessfulTxDialog Transaction ID:
SuccessfulTxDialog Transaction successfully sent!
RemoteNodeList Trusted daemon
SettingsLog Type a command (e.g '%1' or '%2') and press Enter
MerchantTrackingList unconfirmed
History Unknown address
History Unknown amount
Transfer Unmixable outputs
UpdateDialog Update downloaded, signature verified
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources
Mining Use half (recommended)
WizardCreateDevice1 Using a hardware device.
WizardAskPassword Using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
TxKey Verify that funds were paid to an address by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address, the message used for signing and the signature.
For the case with Spend Proof, you don't need to specify the recipient address.