Key English Hungarian
TxConfirmationDialog Sweep unmixable outputs
TxConfirmationDialog See on device
WizardController Failed to store the wallet
WizardController Please proceed to the device...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...
WizardCreateWallet1 Should you restore your wallet in the future, specifying this block number will recover your wallet quicker.
WizardModeBootstrap Temporary use of remote nodes is useful in order to use Monero immediately (hence the name bootstrap), however be aware that when using remote nodes (including with the bootstrap setting), nodes could track your IP address, track your "restore height" and associated block request data, and send you inaccurate information to learn more about transactions you make.
WizardModeSelection Failed to configure portable mode
WizardModeSelection Select enhanced functionality you would like to enable.
WizardModeSelection Portable mode
WizardModeSelection Create portable wallets and use them on any PC. Enable if you installed Monero on a USB stick, an external drive, or any other portable storage medium.
WizardOpenWallet1 Recently opened
WizardRestoreWallet1 Seed offset passphrase (optional)
main Please confirm transaction on the device...
main Please proceed to the device...
main Signing transaction in the device...
main Repairing incompatible wallet cache. Resyncing wallet.
main Failed to store the wallet
main Desktop entry
main Would you like to register Monero GUI Desktop entry?