Key English Portuguese (Portugal)
main Do you want to stop local node or keep it running in the background?
main Force stop
main Keep it running
Merchant Change
SettingsInfo Change
SettingsNode Change
WizardAskPassword Enter a strong password
WizardAskPassword Using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
WizardHome Welcome to Monero
WizardModeSelection Mode selection
SettingsNode Reset
SettingsWallet Receive Monero for your business, easily.
SettingsWallet Enter merchant mode
Transfer Wallet is view-only and sends are only possible by using offline transaction signing. Unless key images are imported, the balance reflects only incoming but not outgoing transactions.
Transfer Key images
Transfer Export
Transfer Import
Transfer Required for view-only wallets to display the real balance
Transfer * To import, you must connect to a local node or a trusted remote node
Transfer 1. Using cold wallet, export the key images into a file