Key English Romanian
cryptonote::simple_wallet No address given
cryptonote::simple_wallet missing lockedblocks parameter
cryptonote::simple_wallet bad locked_blocks parameter
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to parse Payment ID
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to parse key image
cryptonote::simple_wallet No outputs found
cryptonote::simple_wallet Multiple transactions are created, which is not supposed to happen
cryptonote::simple_wallet The transaction uses multiple or no inputs, which is not supposed to happen
cryptonote::simple_wallet Money successfully sent, transaction:
cryptonote::simple_wallet missing threshold amount
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid amount threshold
cryptonote::simple_wallet Claimed change does not go to a paid address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Claimed change is larger than payment to the change address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Change goes to more than one address
cryptonote::simple_wallet sending %s to %s
cryptonote::simple_wallet dummy output(s)
cryptonote::simple_wallet with no destinations
cryptonote::simple_wallet no change
cryptonote::simple_wallet Daemon is local, assuming trusted
cryptonote::simple_wallet Password for new watch-only wallet