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Key English Chinese (Traditional)
Advanced Mining 挖礦
Advanced Prove/check 證明 / 檢查
Advanced Shared RingDB 共享環簽資料庫
Advanced Sign/verify 簽署 / 驗證
History Payment proof 付款證明
LineEdit Paste 貼上
MenuBar File 檔案
Receive Primary address 主要位址
RemoteNodeDialog Port 通訊埠
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon username 節點登入名稱
RemoteNodeDialog (optional) (選填)
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon password 節點登入密碼
RemoteNodeDialog Password 密碼
RemoteNodeDialog Mark as Trusted Daemon 標記為信任的節點
RemoteNodeDialog Cancel 取消
RemoteNodeDialog Ok 好的
Settings Wallet 錢包
Settings Interface 介面
Settings Node 節點
Settings Log 日誌