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Welcome to Weblate. The Monero localization platform. Here you can help translate all things Monero, like the Website, the GUI and CLI wallets and more. We have some guides to help you started, but if you need help or support, contact the localization wokgroup!


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Project website github.com/monero-project
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  • Translations can only be done through suggestions.
  • Suggestions are automatically accepted as translations once they have 2 votes.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Filemask translations/monero-core_*.ts
Translation file Download translations/monero-core_ro.ts
Save transaction file
Salvează fișierul tranzacție
2 weeks ago
Account #
Cont #
2 weeks ago
Create transaction file
Creează fișierul tranzacție
2 weeks ago
Transaction file location:
Locația fișierului tranzacție:
2 weeks ago
Transaction file successfully saved!
Fișierul tranzacție s-a salvat cu succes!
2 weeks ago
updates downloading, fetching price sources
se descarcă actualizările, se preiau sursele de prețuri
2 weeks ago
remote node connections,
conexiuni la nodul distant,
2 weeks ago
Local node
Nod local
2 weeks ago
Remote node
Nod distant
2 weeks ago
Stopping the node
Se oprește nodul
2 weeks ago
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